Update on New Year’s Resolutions

I started this year with four New Year’s photography resolutions. So, have the good intentions materialized into anything? Here’s a quick update.

Picture-a-Day: I have indeed managed so far to post a photo every day, but on a few occasions I had to use a shot taken a few days earlier. It’s a tough challenge indeed.

Video: Yes! I bought a Canon 60D a few months ago and used our latest play, A Little Princess, as a first project. In a few weeks I will post a short movie that’s a montage of stills and short video clips. Other projects are already in the planning stages. The possibilities are very exciting indeed.

What about the other two resolutions? Well, I guess the year is not even half over, so there’s still hope, right?

One resolution I should have made is to post more often on this blog. I think I will do a series of first impressions on dSLR videography. I have quite a few tips and tricks already that are well worth sharing. Stay tuned.

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