Crazy LED light offer

I don’t usually post sales bargains, but this one is too crazy not to mention.

Adorama (a large and well respected camera store, I’ve ordered from them many times) is offering a 144 LED video light with dimmer and adjustable color temperature for $29.95 (marked down from $149.95) with free shipping. It can be attached to a camera via its hot shoe mount, or to a light stand via a built in tripod thread.

I strongly suspect that this light is the same as one I bought a few years ago for $200 to $300 under a different name. Mine has served me quite well. It is perhaps not quite bright enough to serve as a main light for portraits (although with today’s high ISO cameras, even that might be possible), but it would certainly serve well as a fill light. The main purpose of these units, of course, is to light video, since they are continuous lights, unlike the strobes that I usually use for still photography.

Click here to see the offer.

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