The Fog that Swallowed 2013

Today, New Year’s Eve 2013, we went for a stroll at La Jolla Cove, one of our favorite leisure walk locations. When we got there, we immediately remarked upon the unusual clouds on the horizon, but couldn’t quite figure out what they were. About 45 minutes later, it suddenly became clear that we’d been looking at an impressive fog bank that was about to swallow us, and eventually did so in the course of mere seconds.

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Teaser from Wedding of Erica and Mark

Here are just a few “teaser” photos from the wedding of Erica and Mark two weeks ago. Click on any image for a larger size, or reload the page for fun for a different random order. 🙂

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Crazy LED light offer

I don’t usually post sales bargains, but this one is too crazy not to mention.

Adorama (a large and well respected camera store, I’ve ordered from them many times) is offering a 144 LED video light with dimmer and adjustable color temperature for $29.95 (marked down from $149.95) with free shipping. It can be attached to a camera via its hot shoe mount, or to a light stand via a built in tripod thread.

I strongly suspect that this light is the same as one I bought a few years ago for $200 to $300 under a different name. Mine has served me quite well. It is perhaps not quite bright enough to serve as a main light for portraits (although with today’s high ISO cameras, even that might be possible), but it would certainly serve well as a fill light. The main purpose of these units, of course, is to light video, since they are continuous lights, unlike the strobes that I usually use for still photography.

Click here to see the offer.

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WPPI: On The Road

Michele and I attended two days of fantastic photography workshops at “On The Road” organized by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International in Los Angeles. There were talks and hands-on classes by some of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world, including Jerry Ghionis, Yervant, and Roberto Valenzuela, all of whom are also world-class instructors. Other top notch speakers included Peter Hurley (head shots), Vanessa Joy (same day editing), Jared Platt (Lightroom), and Colleen Wainright (branding and marketing). Highly recommended!

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2013 San Diego County Fair Awards

Tonight, we previewed the photography exhibit at the 2013 San Diego County Fair during an artists reception. All five of my images that were accepted in the first round are indeed on display. Two of them, Big Ears and Stuttgart Library, got honorable mentions. In addition, the library got a special donated award from the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). I’m very happy about that!

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