Here are a few of my favorite images from our recent one week vacation on Maui. Click on any images to see larger versions. Reload the page to see them in a different random arrangement.

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2013 San Diego County Fair

Today the San Diego County Fair emailed the results of the first (online) round of judging of the 2013 photo competition. I’m very happy that 5 out of 12 photos I submitted were accepted. I think the previous two years of gaining experience and listening to judges’ roundtables and going to one-on-one critiques are beginning to pay off.

Now I’m going to be busy getting five photos printed, mounted and matted by May 15. In addition, last weekend we attended the Photo Video West expo, and I won 10 free submissions to the Art of Photography show, which are due May 18. To make matters worse, I’m out of town all of next week…

OK, here are the five accepted photos after the first round of judging. You’ll recognize two of them, “Library” and “Big Ears”, as my 1x publications. It’s a nice confirmation to have the same images appreciated by independent groups of curators or judges.

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Published in the News Media

Following my recent publications, I was contacted by two UK photo agencies. I now have separate contracts with both of them for separate sets of funny squirrel pictures. 🙂

One of the series was published online by the UK’s Mail Online and also picked up as a Picture of the Day by Softpedia!

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Photo Published at

1x is an online photo gallery and social network. What makes 1x different from most other photo sites is that every photo displayed has been hand picked by a professional curator. Only 1/20 photos uploaded are published, which has resulted in a gallery of world class photography.”
(quoted from 1x)

I am very excited to have my first photo published at 1x, actually only the second one I submitted!

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Picture a Day

Sorry, it’s been quiet on the blog so far this year, since I’ve been trying to catch up on several projects.

In the meantime, I’ve started doing a Picture a Day again. I try to post something from the some day, but sometimes I use a photo from a previous day.

Here’s a fun photo of Feuerzangenbowle that kicked off this year’s Picture a Day project:


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