The Robe

Yes, it’s been very quiet at Recording The Light. The reason is that I have been roped (or should I say “robed”?) into another play called The Robe. Ok, I haven’t been tricked into anything, but I did end up with the major role of Demetrius when I originally had no intentions of acting in this play.

The Robe is an adaptation of the 1942 novel by Lloyd C. Douglas (skip the movie, it’s not very good). It’s a story of faith that starts with the crucifixion of Jesus and features how Jesus’ robe changes the lives of the main characters, including the Roman tribune Marcellus and his Greek slave Demetrius.

The play runs for the first two weekends in March. See the Village Church Community Theater website for details.

Yesterday, I managed to take a couple of photos of some of the few scenes I’m not in:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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