Rented Christmas: PR Photos

The next play of the Village Church Community Theater is rapidly approaching. “Rented Christmas” is the story of a single businessman (nowadays we’d call him a workaholic) who hasn’t had any family life for years. He walks past the sign of a rental shop that says “We Rent Anything”. So, he decides to rent a Christmas, with tree and presents, a wife and five children!

If you are in Southern California, come see the play performed the first weekend of December at the Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe (details here).

On Sunday, I shot some PR photos to go with news releases in the local papers. Below is a small selection. I am back from actor to photographer for this play, so you’ll be seeing more coverage of this production. I must say I was tempted to audition for this one, since it’s a musical and we do very few of those, but after having had leading roles in the last two plays, I really needed to take a break.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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