Village Church Community Theater

Browsing our main website or my Pbase photo sharing website you will find a lot of theater photography with the Village Church Community Theater. One of the teenage actresses has put together this fine looking website. You can just sit back and watch the slideshow from about a dozen productions.

With the last production this past spring, The Hiding Place, I switched sides and ended up on stage as the 80-something year old watch maker and patriarch of the ten Boom family. Now I’m back in an altogether different role, as the evil villain Judge Mortimer Harshly in The Shame of Tombstone. Michele is my partner in crime, Peachy Jamm (imagine a perfect Mae West imitation).

I’m spending most of my free time memorizing lines, so photography will be at a somewhat slower pace. Here’s a shot that shows you all you need to see to know that Tombstone is a classic melodrama… 🙂

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