Welcome to the blog of Wolfgang Bluhm Photography!

We are a part-time, professional photography business located in San Diego with a focus on wedding, event and portrait photography. I, Wolfgang, am the primary photographer and author of this blog. My wife Michele assists occasionally as a second photographer, especially for weddings. I am also most happy to consult her artistic expertise in image selection and editing.

I will be using this site to blog about recent photo shoots. You might see posts about a wedding, a play, or some other event, or perhaps just a photo that I really like. Occasionally, I may also comment on equipment. While there is no photography without equipment, it’s ultimately about the photos, not the gear, so posts about cameras, lenses, etc. will probably be in the minority.

If you know us or have followed our work, you may already know our other sites:

For starters, why don’t you hop over to one of those sites, until I’ve had a chance to post a little more content here.

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